A great idea using a find from The Dollar Tree! These were found at the Dollar Tree but they were a bright brass color. With a can of spray paint (Red Oxide Primer) simply spray paint the bells! Aren’t they wonderful? A very nice display in an old wooden bowl with some evergreen sprigs. A… [Read More]

  • How to Clean Gourds for Crafts

    Before I begin my  tutorial on how to clean gourds for crafts, I want to tell you a little about them. I have been working with gourds since the mid 80’s and they are still one of my favorite painting surfaces. The gourd is in the pumpkin family and some are edible. Unlike a pumpkin, a… [Read More]

    How to Clean Gourds for Crafts
  • How to Make Primitive Grungy Jars

    Re-purposing jars (and cans, too!) has become popular as we try to be kinder to our environment and more frugal. Instead of tossing out the glass jars, tin containers, cans, etc. consider turning them into cute primitive home decor accessories. How to make primitive grungy jars is easier than you may have thought. It’s even… [Read More]

    How to Make Primitive Grungy Jars
  • A Little Bit of History

    As I have sat pondering on what to write for our Primmart Blog, many things have come to mind. I have always had a passion for history. It shows if you ever come to my house. I can tell you a story behind every old crock, pie safe, wall hanging I have. If I don’t… [Read More]

    A Little Bit of History
  • DIY Tinted Glass – 4 Ways How to Color Glass

    I’ve been seeing all these great craft tutorials on Pinterest that teach how to color glass. Did you know you can re-purpose and recycle empty glass jars? You can also use this method to turn those dollar store vases into expensive-looking tinted glass. There are slightly different methods to coloring glass so I’m going to… [Read More]

    DIY Tinted Glass – 4 Ways How to Color Glass
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